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Our logistics company started its activities in 2009 and during this time has earned a reputation as decent and reliable partners. We guarantee the high quality of the services provided, comfortable prices and, most importantly, the reliability of your cargo.


Private transport unitary enterprise «VseOl»

Registration certificate July 24, 2009 registration number УНП 590886170
Legal address – Belarus, Grodno, Индурское шоссе, 4а, fl. 63
Mailing address: 230029, Grodno, st. Maxim Gorky, 72/1, room. 103
Phone: +375 152 55 77 47, +375 44 55 45 065
УНП 590886170 / ОКПО 297183104000

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  • International road cargo transportation

    Road transport is the most common and popular way delivery of goods, both in our country and abroad. Advantages of transportation by road transport are obvious - this is the optimal ratio of the cost of transportation and delivery time, this is an opportunity door-to-door delivery, this is the execution of urgent orders, this is the flexibility of the transportation route and delivery goods by a fixed time. Our main directions of international road transport run from Europe, the Baltic States and Scandinavia to the Republic of Belarus and CIS countries.

  • Rail Transportation

    International rail transportation is characterized by stable demand and high turnover cargo, regardless of the situation on market. This is due to their benefits. Firstly, freight trains are universal: they can transport various types of cargo - from black metals, chemicals and fertilizers to cars, oversized and heavy cargo. Secondly, railway trains are champions in terms of carrying capacity. The carrying capacity of one wagon is about 50 tons. Thirdly, trains quickly cover long distances, which makes it possible to carry out intercity and international transportation. For example, goods can be delivered to the CIS countries (in Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc.), Europe, the Balkans, Baltics, Caucasus, Central Asia, as well as to Ukraine, Mongolia, China. VseOl specialists make the best routes, taking into account the characteristics of the transported goods, wishes of the Client. Cooperation with international logistics companies allows us to implement a flexible price policy and suggest democratic cost of services.

  • Sea Transportation

    Historically, sea freight shipping was a key driver of the development of international commerce. Shipping goods by sea is still popular nowadays due to low cost, high sea vessel load capacity, and minimal restrictions on vessel carrying capacity. Sea freight services allows substantially lower transportation costs in case of long-distance goods carriage. We encourage our customers to take full advantage of our containerized cargo transportation related services. This transport mode is reliable and efficient, especially in case of long-distance and multimodal solutions. Taking into account individual customer requirements, our experienced staff offer optimal container freight transportation routes at competitive prices.

  • Dangerous Cargoes

    Our experts will provide a range of services, including: the development of transport route, making the necessary package of documents, transportation in compliance with the rules on the transport of dangerous cargoes by road in the Republic of Belarus and the safety standards of ADR Agreement. We only work with rolling stock equipped for the transport of dangerous cargoes, and all the drivers have a special training.

  • Groupage Cargoes

    The experts of VseAll offer its clients the opportunity to save money in the delivery of small parcels of cargoes using the “Groupage Cargoes” transportation system. This option provides a possibility to transport several shipments destined to different recipients in one transport vehicle. In this regard the transportation is possible through the consolidation warehouse in Poland or Lithuania as well as direct transport. The Customer pays only for cargo item.

  • Cistern transportation

    VseAll company delivers the following types of bulk cargo: food — wine, juice concentrates, edible oils, etc., chemical (hazardous and non-hazardous) — fertilizers, glycerin, technical oils, adhesives, etc. Tank road trains are used for the international transportation of bulk cargoes.

  • Transportation of containers

    Choosing delivery of goods in containers You reduce your costs for packaging, as containers allow transport goods without additional packaging. Container shipping saves you time on loading and unloading operations when in the process of loading or unloading, it is enough to move several containers. In addition, you reduce need in warehouses, while protecting the cargo from damage or breakage in the territories of loading or unloading points.

  • transportation of oversized cargo

    Oversized cargo is called cargo, which, due to its specificity, does not fit into standard, weight and size parameters cargo compartment: are particularly heavy and voluminous. Such items will not fit in standard cargo compartments, and cannot be carried as part of a standard shipment. Therefore, for the transportation of such cargo, special platforms and vehicles with a special permit. The direct process also involves compliance a number of features and conditions.

  • Documentary Support

    Our company provides customs clearance of goods. Competently organized by our specialists, support at any stage of customs clearance of goods will protect your interests and minimize costs. Excellent knowledge of legal norms, as well as the experience of employees, allows us to carry out customs clearance correctly and on time. Therefore, we offer the following services: Placement of cargo in special warehouses Customs clearance of goods Optimization and calculation of customs duties Foreign Trade Consulting Preparation of necessary documentation for customs clearance

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